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Effective image and skincare wellness programme

Welcome to Dronawellness

create a balance in life.

Learn about your skin

Welcome to DronaWellness

Experience the Art of Teaching
Drona Wellness is an effective image and skincare wellness programme that aims to create balance in life. It takes a comprehensive view of outer appearance, behavior and inner wellness.





It is a strategic connection rather than technical join up.
It is a scheme that is comprehensive but a step-by- step approach. Starting with basics touching on image grooming, skincare, hygiene, diet plan, exercise and emotional wellness. We focus on what is sustainable.

Eat what is right, not what is easy.

Starting from the outer beauty while handling the inner beauty. What you eat is digested and will reflect back at your skin. If you take care of your body’s largest organ, it will automatically take care of you. Sometimes, people tend to apply thick layers of make up to get the ‘glowing’ look. They fail to realize the body lacks right food, nutrients and water. You can get the glowing skin with a little effort of increasing water intake and eating what is right rather than concentrating on your make up layers. People are more aware of natural products and natural beauty. With her intense research, she discovered natural diet and exercise plays an important role in overall wellness and re-searched the natural eating habits of ancestors and how they lived longer.


Pillars of Drona Wellness